Erasmus+ „Appic Learning“ – rahvusvaheline koolide koostööprojekt

1. Zespol Zskol Publicznych w. Mysiadle – Poland, Warsaw
2. Osnovno uciliste“Kreste Misirkov - Macedonia, Skopje
3. Gymnasium Loxstedt – Germany, Loxstedt
4. Tartu Veeriku Kool – Estonia, Tartu

About the project:
APPic Learning (play on words with the words app and epic) will help students and teachers to develop digital skills and competences. Focusing on learning apps connects the digitalization with education and learning with apps will increase the students’ motivation to study. Students and teachers need to get better dealing with new technologies, as well as finding a way of using technology wisely in class and outside of class. Bringing young children together to implement the idea of a united Europe is our fundamental goal.
We want to build lifelong friendships and with these partner schools (Germany, North Macedonia, Poland, Estonia) we found great partners who have the same goal. As our final products we will have our app as well as a collection of the learning apps which we have found, tested and evaluated in a booklet for other students and teachers.

The following objectives will be reached at the end of the project:
• Students will have intercultural cooperation
• Students will learn about other countries, schools, everyday life
• Schools will increase their European dimension
• Students can create a sightseeing tour through their hometown with the help of “actionbound” (interactive app, which is used to create sightseeing tours)
• Increasing the students’ motivation of learning by using learning apps
• Students program their own learning app
• Students develop a consciousness of the balance of playing E-sports and sports
• Students become more tolerant and open-minded to avoid prejudices
• Students develop a better consciousness of their own cultural heritage by preparing the stay of their visiting friends
• Teachers improve their digital skills and competences
• Teachers can use the tools of eTwinning


Õppekäik Makedooniasse 17.-24.11.2019

Erasmus+ koostööprojeti õpetajad Tartus 29.02-02.03.2020