National schools cooperation project „Find your Balance’’ Partner schools:
1. Zespol Zskol Publicznych w. Mysiadle- Poland, Warsaw
2. Osnovno uciliste ’’Kreste Mirsikov-Macedonia, Skopje
3. Gymnasium Loxstedt-Germany, Loxstedt
4. Tartu Veeriku School-Estonia, Tartu

First project meeting took place on the 26th-29th September in Warsaw, where the teachers of the partner schools decided the most important events and meetings of the 2 years cooperation. At the same time we got to know the school and had the oppurtunity to communicate with the local educational leaders. We hope that the team work will be effective and educational to the students and the teachers.


On the 19th of November we went to a project meeting to Macedonia, Skopje. Nora Liis, Mia, Gayla, Helena, Minna and Noora took part in the project. We started our trip from Tartu at 14.00. We landed in the airport of Macedonia at 00.20 by the local time (1.20 by our time). There we were welcomed by our hosting families and we sang a birthday song to Gayla. After that we all went to our new homes. When we arrived we gave the gifts we had brought from Estonia to the families and went to sleep.

On Monday morning we ate a rich breakfast and then we went to school. At school we first got to know each ohter and then we got to know what’s the project ’s purpose. We also played learning games like Kahoot and QR Code Reader. After that the first school day ended and then we all went to the police apartement to get registered in the country.

On Tuesday we visited the beautiful mountain Vodno. We enjoyed the fantastic view and got to know a lot about history and geography of the country. When we had reached the top of the mountain and come down we went bowling and also played table tennis.

On Wednesday we visited the university, where we were told about video games and we got to give our opinion on one. After we could program robots and microbits.

On Thursday we were at school and played „Scottie Go!“ . At school there was also a national television that filmed our activities. In the evening there was a surprise party for Gayla and Noora in a local restaurant.

On Friday we made our presentations about the previous days and we went to the city. In the evening we had a party organised by the parents, in a place called PoolBar where we played pool, listened to music and danced.

On Saturday everyone was with their host families. Some went shopping and some went to museums and church.

On Sunday we all had to be at the airport at 10 o’clock beacause we started our flight back to Estonia. The farewell was a bit sad and emotional. But we knew that we were going to see each other in Estonia again. We arrived in Estonia at 1 o’clock but to Tartu we got at half past three.

We are happy that we got to know the culture of Macedonia, got new friends and lots of valuable experience. We had very interesting time during the project week and we would advise everybody to take part in this kind of projects.

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